Our business idea is simple. We shall be a valvecompany and nothing else. Offer the market the best selection of valves and accessories for projects and to control flows in big as well as small plants and systems. We are specialists in engineered and special valves.

Procab AB, situated by the coast in Göteborg Sweden was founded in 1984 by Kent Blomberg and Jan Nordvall.

Procab AB was acquired in September 2003. Johan Lindberg was also appointed as Managing Director of the company Procab at the time of the acquisition.

Since then PROCAB has become privatowned company and has grown in size and reputation of beeing a front supplier of special and engineered valves as well as bigger valve packages together with contractors and engineering companies.



Johan Lindberg, Managing Director

Marieholmsgatan 10A
41502 Göteborg

Phone Office: +46 31 298500
Fax Office: +46 31 691517

Direct Email: firstname.lastname (at) procab.se
Office Email: info (at) procab.se